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What happened to the lights?

Generator Power!

The power has gone out and you are in the dark once again. It's the twenty first century and we can't even get consistent power resources. Case in mind, the rolling blackouts of California or the huge blackout of Central US a few years ago.

We all live on a delicate circuit and with power lines above ground all it takes is one tree to fall. It falls and you are without power. If it is one tree then most likely you will be back in power within minutes or hours as the electric company can either re-route power through the grid or send one of many crews to get you back online. If it is 10,000 trees (witnessed in the Southeast when Hurricane Hugo rolled through) then it could be weeks depending on where you live.

In today's age, we are too dependent on electricity to go without it for hours, let alone days or weeks. Not too long ago, the thought of owning a standby generator to power your home would only be the reality of the rich, businesses or hospitals who could afford it or couldn't live without it.Not any more! As with most commodities over time, the generator has become affordable even for the most discrete buyer. Simple gasoline versions range from $500 to $2500 with enough charging power to supply essential appliances in the home for a short period of time.

In the following pages we'll look at the following characteristics of generators:

  • Types of generators (Portable, Diesel, LP, Natural Gas or Gasoline)
  • How to choose a generator to fit your needs
  • Amperage, watts, kilowatts....what does it all mean when   choosing a generator
  • Automatic Transfer Switches versus Manual Transfer Switches
  • Proper operation and maintenance of generators.
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